About the Office

The Prague office BIONCE is under the guidance of our experienced therapists using methods of bioresonance therapy in practice. We provide effective help to smokers in quitting smoking by bioresonance method.

In a single 30-minute bioresonance therapy we are able to deprive smokers addiction to smoking and we are specialised also in solutions of allergies or skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne or eczema and in providing immunity boost, detox, help with chronical fatigue or with loosing weight.

Our BIONCE office uses certified equipment Bicom OPTIMA - one of the best and the most modern devices for bioresonance therapy that are available in the European Union. In BIONCE there is not only top technology waiting for you. Our specially trained bioresonance experts are ready to give advice whenever is needed about the suitability of the bioresonance method for treatment of any kind of disease.