Bioresonance is a fast, innovative and painless treatment method with no side effects. It combines general knowledge of classic medicine with quantum physics. It helps to quit smoking, solve allergic and other health problems like skin diseases etc. Bioresonance therapy is using fact that cells in the human body are emiting electromagnetic oscillations.

During bioresonance therapy, with the help of our special device, we carry out monitoring, analysis and correction of the electromagnetic waves of the human body. If we find out that the electromagnetic waves of your cells are not right, by using signals sent into your body we painlessly achieve its modifications. This leads to elimination or alleviation of health problems.

The main advantages of bioresonance include:

  • Therapy without side effects
  • Completely painless therapy
  • Helps in a large number of health problems
  • Detects health problems before they manifest their consequences

Demonstrable results of bioresonance therapy lead to the fact that bioresonance is gaining more and more enthusiastic supporters. In Switzerland, there are 2 000 doctors trained for effective bioresonance use in routine medical practice. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation established the bioresonance therapy as an official treatment method designed for clinical application. The bioresonance method harvested deserved recognition in BBC broadcast as well.