Gone are the symptoms of allergies: Hello, dear BIONCE. I would like to thank you !!! I found you on the Internet and at first did not believe you could help me. I suffered a lot from allergies since childhood and conventional medicine could not help me even after a series of tests. But after the first session with you, I was relieved and after the second session any symptoms of allergies were gone - I stopped sneezing, my mucous membranes and eyes stopped itching, and I finally breathe freely. I will definitely come to you with our daughter, who was born suffering from atopic eczema . Thank you again for your friendly attitude, and your willingness to explain and your "humanity". Vlado B.

Rashes and sun allergies are gone: Dear Bionce, the first spring after the birth of my child some  red spots appeared on my skin. They were on the neck, arms and calves and were also quite itchy, so I had a good motivation to search for a quick solution. I went to the dermatology department in hospital but they were not able to help. Doctors were at odds over what is the cause of my problems. My dermatologist claimed I got it from washing powders, my husband´s friend kept insisting that it is a reaction to too hard water or a kind of hormonal change after giving birth. At the same time the red spots slowly but surely grew larger and I noticed that the problem was intensified in the summer months. One friend who was succesfully treated by you with her allergy, advised me to address you. I admit that I was skeptical, but when your specialist made diagnosis using bioresonance and told me my skin problems are associated with oversensitivity to the sun, I began to believe that you will help me. After several bioresonance therapies spots began to fade. At the end of last summer I could spend a lot of time in the garden in a shortsleeved top again and even after a holiday in Egypt, where I was intensely bathing in the sun, my spots did not come back. I was afraid that the effect of the therapy could be temporary, but I've had a few weekends in bright sunlight and no trace of the red spots anymore. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me to get rid of sun allergies  and spots on the skin, and I wish you much success in your work. Margaret S.

I'm 36 and for the first time I'm enjoying spring: Dear Bionce, today I was with my family on a small trip outside the city and do not know how many times I remembered you. Last year, I went to your office more or less out of desperation to try to resolve my allergy. And to my suprise, it works. I'm 36 and thanks to bioresonance I‘m finally enjoying spring. For the first time in my life, there is no flowing from my nose in April, my eyes don´t itch and I don´t need to check out pollen forecast. The only thing I regret is that I did not know about bioresonance sooner. I wish you much success! Yours Ota.

Thanks for your method: Hello, I don´t want to bother you, but I have to tell you that I have been  successfull so far with not smoking. I can not say that I no longer have the urge to smoke, but it's getting better every day. Mainly craving for my favorite morning cigarette! I hope I win this fight! Thanks for your method that is successful, because without your help I would never be able to stop smoking. Thank you and wish you many more successes !!! Nadezhda M.

You helped me quit smoking: Dear Bionce, today it is one month already that you helped me quit smoking. I have tried myself many times in vain, but you were succesful immediately. I feel great, no side effects, not even gaining weight. Thank you. Marie K.