Frequently Asked Questions

Does bioresonance work at any age?

Bioresonance therapy is effective regardless of age.

Is bioresonance therapy painful?

Bioresonance is a painless treatment method. There is no reason for fear of pain or discomfort. Conversely, some clients report that they feel very comfortable during bioresonance treatment.

What are the side effects of bioresonance?

Bioresonance therapy has no proven side effects. Immediately after the bioresonance therapy you can feel fatigue, trembling, intense heat or cold and sometimes have a metallic taste in your mouth. These feelings, however, are short and very quickly subside. Bioresonance is not recommended only for patients with pacemakers, pregnant women and severe diabetics.

How many times  do I have to undergo bioresonance therapy if I suffer from allergic rhinitis?

While in case of smoking cessation there is usually just one bioresonance therapy needed, bioresonance session number in case of allergies and skin problems is really individual. It is therefore difficult to predict how many treatments will be needed if you suffer from allergic rhinitis. It depends on the underlying cause, which we will help you to detect and overall condition of your body.

Can bioresonance help to determine the cause of skin problems and allergies?

Bioresonance device BICOM Optima, which we use in our office, can be used for diagnosing or solving a wide range of health problems. By using bioresonance we can diagnose for example food intolerants and stresses, general allergens (dust, pollen, animal hair and epithelial cells), lack of vitamins and minerals, viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal stresses, the stresses of heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, geopathogenic zones, electro-and radioactivity. By use of bioresonance we can also solve allergic stresses, rheumatic disorders, migraine and other types of pain, bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses in the body, problems with neurodermatitis, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalance, immunity boost, non-invasive removal of warts, supression of cravings for sweets , help with the lack of vitamins, addiction, high psychological stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Where can I make appointment or get more information?

On the telephone number 775 469 515 we are happy to answer all your questions and offer bioresonance therapy session at the time which suits you. Do you prefer e-mail over the phone? We are looking forward to your message at

How successful is the bioresonance method for quitting smoking?

Bioresonance therapy is among the most effective methods for quitting smoking. Up to 80% of our clients can successfully quit smoking with bioresonance therapy.

What if bioresonance does not work and I fail to quit smoking?

Usually just one bioresonance therapy is sufficient for smoking cessation. In case that you within thirty days after the first bioresonance therapy start smoking again, or you persist withdrawal symptoms, we offer you free additional bioresonance therapy. How long does bioresonance therapy for smoking cessation take? Bioresonance therapy takes place once and lasts about 30 minutes. A part of bioresonance therapy is also a short interview with a therapist, so you can expect that a visit to our office will take about 45-60 minutes.

How successful is bioresonance compared with the electronic cigarette?

To change the traditional tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes is relatively easy decision, however the user will continue to destroy his or her health. If the electronic cigarette is supposed to help complete smoking cessation (eg. Gradually decreasing doses of nicotine), its success is negligible. Bioresonance therapy with its 80% success rate in quitting smoking is definitely more reliable, but also more meaningful way to quit smoking. How safe is electronic cigarette compared with bioresonance? Bioresonance therapy is completely safe and painless. Electronic cigarette on the other hand, according to several studies conducted, is far from harmful. While it contains less harmful substances than tobacco smoke, it still contains nicotine, which is definitely not to be seen as a safe chemical. Electronic cigarette may additionally contain carcinogens and toxins - the analysis of one sample filling cartridges of electronic cigarettes were discovered carcinogenic nitrosamines and toxic diethylene glycol.